Sepehr Elahi

PhD Student at the EDIC department of EPFL


I am a first-year Doctoral Assistant at the EDIC (Computer and Communication Sciences) department of EPFL with a department fellowship. I am interested in bandit problems, Bayesian learning, optimization, and in general statistical ML.

I graduated summa cum laude with two BSc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mathematics at Bilkent University in June, 2022. I did research at Bilkent CYBORG with Prof. Cem Tekin from 2018 to 2022, where my research was focused on online decision making, contextual bandits, Gaussian processes, multi-objective optimization, and their applications to crowdsourcing/sensing, content recommendation, and item recommendation.

I have also worked on multiple projects and papers related to applications of ML and CV to other fields, including telecommunications, microfluidic droplets, and laser material processing.

Outside of school, I am an avid weightlifter, boulderer, Ultimate Frisbee player, and in general love any outdoors/sports-related activity.